Allison Cares

Allison Cares

Watch the truth about trafficking in India and Nepal below:

One Red Bead & New Hope Ministries

Join Allison Sobel  as we commit to enhancing the world and making a positive difference in the lives of millions.  We are proud to support New Hope Ministries and India/Nepal Yoga Project with their One Red Bead initiative.

New Hope Ministries is nonprofit organization in Nepal. New Hope Ministries provides safe homes for girls rescued from imminent risk of sexual exploitation, provides hospice services for women dying from AIDS and creates awareness about human trafficking. Please feel free to DONATE DIRECTLY HERE to New Hope Ministries.

INYP is a grassroots organization dedicated to the healing and empowerment of those affected by human trafficking. By offering sustainable strategies through the practice of yoga and meditation, we feel that healing can begin at the deepest and most profound levels of each human being. As the most beautiful lotus grows in the muddiest and darkest of conditions, we feel that by nurturing the spiritual and emotional bodies of those effected, confidence, love and strength emerge.

During a recent trip to Nepal, INYP came up with the idea of ONE RED BEAD, after spending the day with a beautiful group of women and children at a local HIV/AIDS hospice. Not only do the women and children feel a sense of pride and purpose in hand-crafting these wonderful bracelets, but the bracelet itself offers awareness, hope and support.

The red Tibetan healing bead is crafted from yak bone and is representative of the precious girl, affected by the devastating effects of trafficking and HIV/AIDS. Ostracized from her family and the rest of society, we hope to show her the world of support around her.

Thank you for your support. Just like every beautiful girl, every bracelet matters.