Hey peeps! Allison Sobel is just incredible heart emoticon and has an amazing way of teaching meditation. She has made it so simple for me to bring into my daily life. If you are interested in learning about the science, philosophy and experience meditation I highly recommend this workshop.  Love and light!

~ Daphne Murphy

150 days and going strong. PSM and Our Costa Rica experience has shifted me for the better. Gratitude abounds!

~ Lisa Charleston

Meditation is my cure for stress, anxiety, depression and negativity. Don’t miss this incredible experience! Allison Sobel is an angel bringing her knowledge and expertise to her Main Line studio. Run… Don’t hesitate- it’s time to learn to MEDITATE!

~ Tammy Blankfield Coopersmith

In my life I have met so many wonderful people as friends, business clients, and acquaintances….and then there are those few people that when you meet them they are just special, unique, and a bright light shining brightly for others to follow….Allison you are one of those people to me. The world is a better place because of you and what you created for the main line with focus fitness! Whatever you do it will be magical. I just want to come and play with you whatever it is!

~ Jennifer VanHeeswyk Richmond

I believe you are one of my angels on earth….2 years and 5 months ago today I decided to open a new door and try something new….without your belief in the power of good energy that motivated me every day….I would not have been able to turn the knob! I thank you for being such an amazing spirit on this earth, and love that you are opening a new door to.

~ Stephanie McGee Sandstead

Allison’s calm energy is so powerful that it reaches every corner of any room she enters. Her classrooms are a place of pure serenity! She conducts her classes with confidence and grace, guiding her students in the gentlest way. Students gain something different from each class of Allison’s that they take. She always brings in exciting, new, creative sequences that challenge her students and show them how to reach their full potential. Moreover, Allison teaches more than just a hard physical class. Her dialogue is always real and relatable so students can identify with her messages, and release further into their practice without being distracted. Her ability to connect with each of her students on a personal level makes her a mentor and friend to many of them. Her classroom is a community, where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin.

~ Francesca Nicoletti