Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Svadhyaya Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

See what our YTT graduates from the Fall 2018 have to say…
Allison was organized, insightful, and engaging. She did a fantastic job of teaching us the many aspects of yoga and sharing her love of the practice with us. She guided us in becoming strong teachers and provided us with the foundations we needed to share our practice with others. I would take this training again in a heartbeat! I am thrilled to share Allison’s course with others and proud to have been a part of this journey with her. – Amanda F.

I cannot praise the Svadhyaya yoga teacher training enough! From the supportive and uplifting atmosphere of Purenergy studio to the genuine heartfelt teachings of each mentor, this training will leave you feeling not only prepared to teach yoga but to step into your most authentic life. Allison Sobel is such a generous and compassionate teacher with a deep knowledge of yoga from the asanas to the business. This training is one of a kind and will transform you from the inside out! I would highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone! – Bella C.

I can genuinely say that Allison’s YTT was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to deepen your practice and gain the knowledge necessary to teach, but it also facilitates an incredible journey of self-discovery that is truly life changing. With the love and support from Allison and the Purenergy community, I was able to grow in ways I never expected. Allison has incredible gifts to share with everyone she comes in contact with and I wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anyone else. I cannot recommend this training enough! – Amy M.

The community that Chris has created at Pure Energy along with Allison’s wisdom and encouragement was exactly what I needed to succeed at this program. It was hard work, we all learned so much, & all are fully confident in sharing not only safe asanas & flows, but the philosophy & wisdom yoga brings, as well as to share our light. I couldn’t recommend this program enough. It’s amazing, life changing. – Lauren D.

I looked into a few other yoga courses but ultimately knew my heart was telling me to pick this one. Not only was it at my home studio, but the program Allison designed was very well rounded. It felt like being back in school (which is a good thing). Some other programs I looked into seemed to be 200 hrs. of yoga classes and reading a book or two to discuss. I felt as if this program hit so many different topics that were so interesting and helped to enlighten me. I do feel a deeper connection to myself during a yoga practice since completing the course. It was truly life changing. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone in a heartbeat. – Jennifer S.

I came up with a thousand reasons why I wasn’t able to commit to YTT, but the Universe knew better and somehow I found myself registered; feeling uncertain, uncomfortable and timid. Fast forward four months later and I can genuinely say it was hands down the best opportunity I have ever given myself. The way I approach life as a parent, wife, professional, yogi and human being is forever transformed. I am so grateful. Allison Sobel is a gifted teacher! This program transformed my life in ways I didn’t know possible. I am so grateful for the opportunity. – Heidi C.

My YTT exceeded expectations. Very well planned and executed by an outstanding teacher.I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in teaching yoga or simply in deeply understanding the practice and philosophy behind it. – Marianna C.

Wonderful program that allows you to step into yourself as authentic teacher and find your unique voice. Exposed to a wide variety of teachers to broaden your perspectives and gain hands-on knowledge. – Jen L.

Svadhyaya teacher training focused on the history, philosophy, spiritual, and physical practice of yoga. It included anatomy training, and various specialty workshops, including prenatal, meditation, yoga for beginners, inversions, etc. Great training and I highly recommend. – Kristin M.

An extremely comprehensive program that was both fun and educational. It’s impossible not to be completely transformed in this setting. – Kelly B.

The Svadhyaya Yoga Teacher Training was formerly known as the “Focus 200” held at Focus Fitness Main Line. See those testimonials…

I had the privilege of receiving my 200 hr RYT with Focus Fitness and it was LIFE CHANGING! I was surrounded and supported by stellar teachers throughout the entire training. Allison Sobel is an amazing yoga teacher with a beautiful spiritual presence! Her classes not only changed and challenged me physically but also spiritually as they felt like church for my soul. The entire teacher training program was incredibly diverse with the many offerings of different studies all NEEDED to develop SELF in order to take the seat of the teacher. Not only did I deepen my personal practice and gain wisdom in the yogi philosophies, but I grew my soul to match. I would highly recommend the Focus Fitness RYT 200 hr program to anyone who desires to be a yoga teacher or also for anyone who is simply on a spiritual journey to align mind~body~spirit with yoga. I will be forever grateful for the Focus Fitness yoga Kula! I am fully supported by my new yogi family and by my wise Guru’s to live life fuller and richer with purpose and passion for my practice. My studies will carry me for life.” ~ Sally Miller

“It had been a while since I was practicing yoga, a dear friend invited me to FFML for a class with Allison. I had left the class feeling so centered and relaxed. I wanted more, I wanted to learn. I wanted to keep that feeling! I have exercised my entire life but yoga was different. I felt the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. I enrolled in the YTT course really not expecting to teach yoga but to learn about yoga and how it can improve your life. I did not expect all the wonderful instructors and the diverse course material. The 200 hour course was inspiring and gratifying. Life changing and amazing. I truly appreciate the time and the dedication that Allison and her instructors put into the program that made the experience so wonderful!” ~ Chris Dyer

“YTT at FFML was an amazing experience for me. Not only did it deepen my knowledge and understanding of yoga practice, it introduced me to an amazing group of yogis and it awakened my spirituality! It was fun, challenging and very rewarding. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to teach, to deepen their own practice or to explore the world of yoga with a like-mind group of people!” ~ Jackie Rantanen

“This past year I was fortunate enough to participate in Focus Fitness’s 200-hour yoga teacher training. From the very start Allison was enthusiastic and encouraging. Our training was infused with a variety of master teachers and experiences. With Allison’s loving guidance, I was able to build my confidence and find my voice as a yoga teacher.” ~ Betsy Leschinsky RYT